The Art of Effective Communication: How to Get Your Message Across To Your Customers

Communication is key, is one phrase that cannot be stressed enough in the business world. However, the communication in itself has to be effective for it to work. Communicating with your clients is an art that you can learn. Anyone can communicate but not everyone can do it effectively. Effective communication encompasses a number of things including:

Contextual communication

In as much as you might be looking to sell more or to create a greater rapport with your clients, it is necessary to understand the context of the situation before leading with your sales pitch. For most customers, a failure of the business person to identify and respect the context usually leads to resentment. If for instance you meet your client privately, the context of the conversation should not drift into business.

Technological integration

Technology has come a long way, especially as concerns communication. While it is not necessary to utilize technological methods in your communication for it to be effective, it makes things far easier. Effectiveness in communication does not only border on the meaning and understanding of the message but also in how it is passed along. Technology makes it a whole lot easier for you to deliver the message to your clients so much so that you can even target your clients to ensure that the message is target specific. The use of social media advertisements for instance, is one great example of effective communication by technological integration.

Message specificity

As a business person, you have to understand that in a crowd of a thousand potential people, your message is only specific to about half that number, or even less. As such, it is important that before you initiate contact with your customers, you do your research and identify the target market. The message should then be tailored to specifically target the select clientele. This not only saves up on the cost of resources spent on communication, but also ensures that your message is better utilized and well received. If for instance you have agrochemicals, your target market should be specific to people with a need for the chemicals.

Listening and speaking

I expect that you have had some sort of repulsive reaction to this point, the reason being that it is too basic. However, often times, it is these basic skills that end up being the most problematic to people during communication. Listening is one of the basic skills of communication that gives a lot of people difficulties. It is important that even as you try to put your message across, whether in a boardroom or a hall, you should give the audience time to respond and give feedback. It is important to listen and respect other people’s views even if they may be negative and that is especially so when the audience comprises of your customers. For that reason, it is important that you adapt a communication channel for your customers to give their views and feedback, even if the message is posted online. That can be done for example through an online forum.

When it comes to speaking, confidence and audibility are the key to communicative success. You have to always be confident of the message you put across so that you can inspire trust in your listeners.


An effective speaker is flexible when delivering his message. Effective communication requires that you always think on your feet. You should adapt your message to the situation and make it work for you. If for instance you had prepared to give a pitch on the benefits of your product, by use of a PowerPoint presentation but by bad luck, or otherwise, it becomes impossible, you should be able to still pass along the message.

Handling rejection positively

It is important to note that your message shall not always be received positively. In some situations, you will find the audience very strongly opposed to what you are trying to sell them. It is situations such as these that shape up your future in communication. An effective speaker will pay no attention to the negative views of the audience but will also not appear to be ignorant. It is important that if the audience is opposed to your message you adapt a poker face and offer no negative remarks. Negativity on your part is extremely damaging whereas a calm and collected demeanor could earn you a greater and more respected number of clients.


Effective communication relies on the quality of the message being put across, the confidence or assured nature of the one who delivers it, the efficiency and suitability of the channel used and ultimately the cooperation and understanding of those who receive it. That is all there is to effective communication and you should always work to increase your skill on these areas. There is no such thing as a perfect message and as such, you should always put in mind the fact that not all your listeners will pay attention to you.